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The Fibermaq Multicolor Gelcoater was especially designed to spray granite-style gel coat in open mould process. Amongst its applications, it is mainly suited for synthetic marble products. It applies up to 4 colors simultaneously, through pumps that can be adjusted individually, yielding a great granite-like application.

Built of stainless steel, the catalyst pump can be easily adjusted for a precise dosage.

The Fibermaq Multicolor Gelcoater allows for two kinds of applications: pulverized or splattered with or without catalyst, by a simple valve on the spray gun.


High-precision pneumatic gel pumps.

10-liter, stainless steel tanks for gel coat.

Compact, portable structure.

Low maintenance and simple-to-use spray gun.

External mix.

Manifold equipped with air filter, air regulators and cleaning tip.

5-meter hose kit.

  • Output: 1 kg/min.
  • Pressure: 70 PSI = 4,92 kg/cm².
  • Consumption: 8 CFM (cubic feet/min).