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Reinforced Plastics - 19/05/2014
Fibermaq seeks international distributors

Fibermaq, the Brazilian manufacturer of machinery for composites moulding, is looking to increase overseas sales and is looking for international distributors.

According to Christian de Andrade, director, the plan is to make equipment exports account for at least 20% of the company’s annual revenue – the share was slightly above 5% last year.

The company says that this will begin at Feiplar, Latin America’s largest trade fair for the composites industry, in November where distributors will be invited to the Fibermaq booth. Fibermaq is looking to enter partnerships with companies from all continents. At the event, Fibermaq will show the details of the complete reformulation that it has been doing in its portfolio of spray-up and gelcoat application units, RTM injection and filament winding machines. The second step, says Andrade, is its participation as an exhibitor at JEC Europe 2015.


Composites World - 19/05/2014
Brazilian equipment manufacturer Fibermaq seeks distributors

The company wants to increase foreign exports to 20 percent of its annual revenue. Visit them this November at Feiplar trade fair in Sao Paulo.

Composite fabricating equipment manufacturer Fibermaq (Sao Paulo, Brazil) plans to increase foreign sales, according to Christian de Andrade, director, and the plan is to make equipment exports account for at least 20 percent of the company’s annual revenue – the share was slightly above 5 percent last year.

To that end, the company will be exhibiting in November at the Feiplar event, Latin America’s largest trade fair for the composites industry. “We are inviting distributors from all over the world for meetings at our booth," says de Andrade. "We want to enter into partnerships with companies from all continents.” At the event, Fibermaq will discuss the details of its revamped portfolio of spray-up and gelcoat application units, RTM injection and filament winding machines.

The second step, says Andrade, is the participation as an exhibitor at JEC Europe 2015, a leading trade fair for the composites industry. “We have already reserved our space and we are excited to participate in the event for the first time.”

Companies interested in distributing Fibermaq’s equipment and accessories should contact de Andrade by sending an email to or For further information, please visit


Reinforced Plastics - 06/10/2009
MVC acquires Fibermaq’s gel-coat equipment

MVC, a supplier of composite components to the Brazilian automotive sector, has acquired Fibermaq´s equipment for the application of gel-coat.

Fibermaq, based in São Paulo, Brazil, manufactures composite processing equipment. Its Fibermaq Multicolors gel-coat machine works with up to four colours simultaneously. MVC will use it for the production of several automotive parts made of composites, such as bumpers, bonnets and roofs.

MVC is one of the main Brazilian suppliers to automakers such as Marcopolo, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Scania, and Iveco.

“Many components we manufacture in RTM [resin transfer moulding] Light rely on the gel-coat finish, and the fact that this machine allows the use of different colours at the same time was a determining factor in our choice,” says Jean Zolet, MVC’s industrial coordinator.

“The external mixing between the gel-coat and the catalyst makes the process even more precise,” he adds.

CompositesWeek - 03/08/2009
Fibermaq Undertakes the Exclusive Distribution of SAIP

Fibermaq is the new exclusive distributor in Brazil of equipments for the processing of polyurethane (PU) manufactured by the Italian company SAIP. Located in Sao Paulo, the company shall be responsible for the sales and installation of machines manufactured in Italy, as well as the technical assistance and post sales. “In addition to great know-how regarding the Brazilian PU market, Fibermaq stands out for its technical approach, which is an essential feature to be successful in this segment”, says Mirko Alessandrini, SAIP's sales executive.

Both companies were established in 1978. SAIP machines can be found in the main automakers, civil construction companies, manufacturers of furniture and home appliances around the world. Fibermaq, in turn, focus its activities mainly on South America. In addition to equipment for PU injection, the company manufactures machinery for the processing of composites and adhesives. “After the execution of the distribution agreement, we will keep producing low-pressure lines only. High-pressure models will be manufactured by SAIP, as well as lines for the production of continuous polyurethane, a system used in the manufacture of panels, partition panels and tiles”, explains Christian de Andrade, Fibermaq’s CEO.

According to Alessandrini, the Brazilian PU market growth over the past years has motivated SAIP to execute an agreement with a local distributor. “We see great opportunities in Brazil. As global leaders in all PU-processing markets and now a Fibermaq’s partner, we have enough competence to meet Brazilian companies’ demand”, he says. For Andrade, the PU segment – which corresponds to 10% of Fibermaq’s earnings – shall be increased to 25% within the next twelve months. “A brand such as SAIP in our portfolio makes us more competitive in segments that require the highest technology”, he says.

NetComposites - 22/06/2009
Fibermaq Launches Equipment for the Application of Multicoloured Gelcoat

Fibermaq has finished the assembly of Fibermaq Multicolors, a machine for spray application of up to 4 gelcoat colours.

“Fibermaq Multicolors is indicated for people who wish to give a granite effect to their parts, such as synthetic marble lavatory manufacturers”, said Christian de Andrade, CEO. Thanks to the linear positioning of the gelcoat pumps, the new Fibermaq machine allows an individual colour adjustment. “Such a project also facilitates equipment handling," says Andrade.

Another special feature of Fibermaq Multicolors is the airless gelcoat application gun, which reduces the emission of particles in the air and reduces raw materials waste. “In addition, Fibermaq Multicolors gun’s design enables the performance of any maintenance", he points out.

JEC Composites - 26/05/2009
Spirit: test at Reichhold was successful

Launched in February by Fibermaq, the Spirit – device that measures the residual thickness of composite tanks’ corrosion barrier – was submitted to another battery of tests. And, once again, the result could not have been better. In April, the equipment went through a test at Reichhold’s plant, resins' manufacturer. At the time, José Batista de Andrade, Fibermaq CEO, demonstrated Spirit’s operation in a section of the tank with approximately 2 meters diameter. “We could notice the excellent performance and, above all, the convenience provided by such device”, he reports.

Antonio Carvalho, Reichhold’s market development manager and responsible of the Spirit´s concept, took part in the test and was pleased with the result. “In fact, the equipment delivers what it promises, that is, it shows the proportion of damages caused by the aggressive environment and indicates the appropriate depth of repair”, he says.

Similar to the Spirit robot, created by Nasa to explore Mars – hence the name – the equipment built by Fibermaq has an aluminum structure, compressed-air drive and millimetric scraping made by a diamond disk. Ideal for users of tanks that store corrosive products, as determining the corrosion barrier thickness avoids unnecessary interruptions for repair.

JEC Composites - 15/05/2009
Fibermaq creates a system dedicated to infusion

Being increasingly adopted by manufacturers of boats and wind blades, infusion is a sophisticated composites transformation process. It provides several advantages, among them, raw materials economy and reduction of the part’s weight. However, it presents a vulnerable side: the need of previous preparation of the whole amount of resin to be injected into the mold. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances – power loss, vacuum leak, compressor failure or obstruction of injection channels, for example – the manufacturer is forced to dispose hundreds of pounds of the product. In addition to the financial loss, such disposal can cause fires, as the resin to be injected has organic peroxide, an agent responsible for the increase of polymer’s temperature during the polymerization reaction.

To eliminate this problem, the Brazilian equipment manufacturer Fibermaq created a system called Assisted Infusion. According to José Batista de Andrade, Company’s CEO, it is a relatively simple solution. “We developed a pneumatic doser of resin and peroxide that controls the amount of material prepared. When using it, the processor determines the exact pace desired, instead of being forced to finish the entire resin at once”, he describes. Thus, even if difficulties occur during the infusion, the volume lost does not exceed 3 kg. “A very small amount, much easier and safer to dispose”.

Besides the doser, a special tank is part of the Assisted Infusion system, in which temperature and level are monitored by sensors. “It is a tool that helps the manufacturer to have even more control over its process”, said Batista.

Official presentation

The Composites Technology Center (Cetecom) – headed by the Brazilian Composite Materials Association (Abmaco) and the Institute for Technological Research (IPT) – was the place chosen by Fibermaq for the official presentation of the Assisted Infusion on April 23, 2009. “We performed the infusion of a small hull and the result was excellent, repeating the performance that we observed in the tests made at Fibermaq”, he adds.

About Fibermaq

Established in 1978 in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), Fibermaq is a pioneer in manufacturing composite processing equipment, polyurethane, epoxy and general adhesives. Along the last thirty years, more than 1.500 spray-up machines and gel coating dispensing systems, RTM and filament winding equipments, among others, were sold by the company in Brazil and all Latin America.